Hi, everyone! I just had an idea for a page, and I don't know if we have one for it yet. I think we should include a page for affiliations like school clubs that have been mentioned frequently (for instance, the Gorgeous Vortex, the Swords & Stones Club, the Black Lipstick Girls). I think it would be a good idea.

Also, I'm writng a fanfiction (my Wattpad is queenslayley, and it's a Crispo x OC fanfiction) and I need ideas on where Pootatuck is located. I was reading agentjaguar's post on her theory of it being in Santa Monica (and I think it's quite possible. It never seems to be cold or anything other than sunshine in the show), but there are times where they wear sweaters and stuff like that.

Oh yeah, and get Jaheem Toombs to 100k by March 12th (day of the KCAs) because he's cool, funny, and he totally deserves it. If you don't, I will come down on you like Paul Schmolitor on sixth graders (not really. But please follow him because he should have all the followers in the world).


PS: Get Your Heart Pre-Broken Thing! premieres this Saturday! Superfans, get your tissues ready! (I already have three boxes of Kleenex tissues.)

PPS: On his recent, there are comments of him begging me to marry him. I had nothing to do with it.

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