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Mini Rant?

Hahurr February 10, 2016 User blog:Hahurr

I don't get why 100 Things isn't getting promoted like it used to be. I used to be so excited to see what was going on next in the season, but now the commercials are barely shown. It really depresses me. I really hope this gets picked up for a second season. However, my sources say that they aren't allowed to tell anyone anything yet. I really hope it gets picked up, however. But Isabela has just filmed her first feature film, Middle School: Worst Years of My Life in Atlanta, Georgia and sems to be focusing on her music career for a while 100 Things is on a hiatus (fingers crossed it's just a hiatus!) and Owen has auditioned for a Warner Brothers movie (whoo! Go Owen!). 

I don't know. I really want 100 Things to be renewed. This show is one of the few on Nickelodeon that makes me laugh until I fall down to the ground. How about you guys?


(PS: Why isn't it nominated for a Kids' Choice Award?!?!?!)

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