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    February 27, 2017 by Hahurr

    Hi everyone. I don't know if this Wiki is being used anymore, but it has been confirmed by Lisa's Twitter that 100 Things has sadly been canceled. It was also confirmed by Dahlia White (who plays this character) on @agentcheetah's live stream on Instagram many months ago. Sorry, fans. Hopefully, you'll still continue to support Isabela in her future blockbusters, Jaheem in his music career (which is launching soon, along with an appearance in the "To The Beat!" movie) (don't know if that's confirmed yet), Owen (who seems to be taking a break from Hollywood. He was seen helping out his community theatre back home in Norman, Oklahoma), and the rest of the cast.

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  • Hahurr

    If you listen really closely to the Master a Thing Thing! episode, you'll hear Dojo Dave call Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy "Slick Hairson". Scott Fellows is known for making puns in his characters' names (Mindy Minus, Lori Loudly, Patti Macabre), so...? It's probably just a silly nickname, but what do you guys think?


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  • Hahurr

    Page Ideas?

    February 25, 2016 by Hahurr

    Hi, everyone! I just had an idea for a page, and I don't know if we have one for it yet. I think we should include a page for affiliations like school clubs that have been mentioned frequently (for instance, the Gorgeous Vortex, the Swords & Stones Club, the Black Lipstick Girls). I think it would be a good idea.

    Also, I'm writng a fanfiction (my Wattpad is queenslayley, and it's a Crispo x OC fanfiction) and I need ideas on where Pootatuck is located. I was reading agentjaguar's post on her theory of it being in Santa Monica (and I think it's quite possible. It never seems to be cold or anything other than sunshine in the show), but there are times where they wear sweaters and stuff like that.

    Oh yeah, and get Jaheem Toombs to 100k by March…

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  • Hahurr

    Mini Rant?

    February 10, 2016 by Hahurr

    I don't get why 100 Things isn't getting promoted like it used to be. I used to be so excited to see what was going on next in the season, but now the commercials are barely shown. It really depresses me. I really hope this gets picked up for a second season. However, my sources say that they aren't allowed to tell anyone anything yet. I really hope it gets picked up, however. But Isabela has just filmed her first feature film, Middle School: Worst Years of My Life in Atlanta, Georgia and sems to be focusing on her music career for a while 100 Things is on a hiatus (fingers crossed it's just a hiatus!) and Owen has auditioned for a Warner Brothers movie (whoo! Go Owen!). 

    I don't know. I really want 100 Things to be renewed. This show is on…

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