These are some new pages I was thinking of creating. I was against some of them at first, since they don't really have much information to add, but I thought about it and figured it wouldn't hurt. These pages most likely won't be added until after the rest of season one's episodes have aired.

Pages that will definitely be added


  • Bigsby (or Bixby; have to get his name correct first, but I think they said it both ways in the episode)
  • Whiskers, Fenwick's godnana's cat


  • Pootatuck Bear Cafe


  • High School High Musical (because it has been seen more than once)
  • Pop Tiger (because it has been seen more than once)
  • Totally Awesome Girl comic (because it has been seen more than once)


  • Pootachuck (or just Chuck)
  • Pootabuck might get a page depending on how its debut episode goes
  • Wasabos (this is more categorized as food than an object, I know)


  • Fenwick's godnana
  • Miss Claymore
  • Jill Jillerton (still uncertain of the name of the actress who portrayed her)

Pages that I am currently unsure of adding


  • The raccoon from the pilot (only thinking of adding this page so there will be something to add in a template for animals I will be creating; the only problem is I'm not sure of what to name it, but maybe "Raccoon" will suffice)


  • Fenwick's godnana's house (it may not be a house and there wasn't a shot of the exterior, so this may not happen)


I was considering adding pages for CJ, Fenwick, and Crispo's phones, but I think a better idea would be to just add a possessions or belongings section on each of their pages and add their phone. Here are categories to help organize the possessions/belongings section if it is added:

  • Backpacks (since we've seen all of theirs; CJ is seen with more than one and has others in her room and I think Fenwick has been seen with more than one as well)
  • Clothes (ex. CJ's denim jacket, Converses, and dresses that are similar in design; Fenwick owns 100 ties, different colored Oxford shirts, many pairs of khaki pants; Crispo owns sunglasses, two different types of jackets)
  • Miscellaneous items (ex. Angelica, jewelry, comics, magazines in CJ's case; stocks and robot costume in Fenwick's case)
  • Technology (CJ, Fenwick, and Crispo all have a phones and Fenwick has a tablet and the Pootabot)

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