Hey, guys! Okay, so I'm not a big fan of the relationship and pairings pages since I'm not really into the shipping phenomenon, but I know a lot of you like them, so I would like to make the pages more consistent. By that, I mean I will create a template to place on the pages.

I would also prefer if the pages had the word relationship in it; for example: "CJ and Fenwick relationship" (with a lowercase "r" in "relationship"). I know this would make page titles longer, but just having the characters' name in the title is strange to me (but maybe that's just me lol).

I also want to rename the Crispo and Fenwick page to Fenwick and Crispo relationship, mainly because Fenwick is the deuteragonist while Crispo is the tritagonist and, like I said, I would like to be consistent. CJ and Fenwick (protagonist and deuteragonist), CJ and Crispo (protagonist and tritagonist), CJ and Mindy (protagonist and recurring character) and Crispo and Mindy (tritagonist and recurring character) are fine with me since they're in order of character importance. I would just add "relationship" to the end of those.

I would really like to hear your opinions! :)

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