This is just a list of locations that have been mentioned on the show as being wherever the show is set. If we ever get a name for where they are located (city, state, county, etc), these will get added to it (but I doubt it since Ned's Declassified was never mentioned as being in a specific location, and this may have been done to keep it ambiguous and relateable to the audience and the same thing is probably happening to 100 Things). This blog will be updated as the remaining season 1 episodes are aired and other places are mentioned.

Season 1

  • Spaghetti Yard ("Run with the Bears Thing!")
  • Home Max ("Run with the Bears Thing!")
  • Coffee Shack ("Run with the Bears Thing!")
  • Peaceful Meadows Senior Center ("Be a Mad Scientist Thing!")
  • Jen's Tire Emporium ("Always Tell the Truth (But Not Always) Thing!")

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