Matthew Lewis Royer is an actor who portrays Enzo Froman in the 100 Things to Do Before High School series.

Early lifeEdit

Matthew and his twin brother Benjamin Royer were born in Tarzana, California on April 18, 2003.


Royer and his twin brother Benjamin have guest starred in roles on shows such as Sam and Cat, The Neighbors 2 Broke Girls, and Brooklyn 99. They are both currently starring on the Disney Channel show Best Friends Whenever as Bret and Chet Marcus.


  • Royer is an Aries.
  • He loves baseball.
  • He lives in West Hills, California
  • He has a Cockapoo named Ethel.
  • He and his brother are good friends with Matthew Scott Miller, who portrays Paul Schmolitor on 100 Things to Do Before High School.[1][2][3][4]


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